About Me

Rosalind was born July 21, 1992 in  Pasadena California. Her love for  music began at a small age and  continues to grow. She  began playing nursery tunes from ear on her baby Xylophone. This is when  her parents realized her musical talents! She first began learning the piano in elementary school. She learned for a year and wanted to try something new. Rosalind saw an orchestra performing on television and instantly fell in love with the violin. At age 10, she began her musical career on violin. Her first violin teacher was Patricia Graham. During her college years at California State University Northridge Rosalind was taught by Michael Ferril. Rosalind has performed as concertmaster in CSUN symphony orchestra and is currently concertmaster of West Coast Classical Orchestra. Rosalind continues as a section player in Southeast Symphony and has also subbed for AYS, YMF Debut orchestra and Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra. She has performed on stage with world renowned artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Streetlight Manifesto, Deadmau5, R&B artist Natalie Cole, and rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Rosalind has played in recordings for television shows and new up and coming artists. 

Rosalind began teaching violin in 2011. This is where she realized she absolutely loves teaching students willing to learn such a beautiful instrument. She enjoys seeing her students excel in music. Rosalind understands how everyone learns differently and makes sure lessons are taught in a way that fits that individual person. She provides a stress free environment but expects you to put in the work. Rosalind enjoys her life as a performer and teacher and will continue to spread her musical talents throughout!

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